Deliberate Ventures has assembled a world class team of stakeholders with proven real world experience in clinical drug development and evaluation critical to drug asset value creation 

We identify and shepherd assets with high velocity to commercialization within the traditional Pharmaceutical regulatory framework.

The Fund

Deliberate Ventures will work with an extensive pipeline of psychedelic and cannabis compound asset holders with compounds representing  real treatment approaches effectively demonstrating clinical "proof of concept”

The fund's mandate is to facilitate optimal phase 2 clinical trials are designed and completed with the allocated capital. 

Globally, we have seen established pharmaceutical companies acquire CBD / Psychedelic assets.

We will identify high potential early phase treatment assets ideal for pharmaceutical pipeline collaboration or acquisition after demonstrating strong results end of phase 2

We have proven global experience in optimizing clinical drug strategy, design and results


Deliberate Ventures will work with a pipeline of psychedelic and cannabinoid compound asset holders representing real treatment approaches that demonstrate clinical "proof of concept". 


The fund's mandate is to complete phase 2 clinical trials for compounds that will lead to downstream market adoption and traditional supply chain disruption.

High Potential

We are continuously working with our network of partners to identify high potential early phase treatments for pharmaceutical pipeline collaboration and acquisition at the end of phase 2.  


We have proven global expertise in optimizing clinical drug strategy, design and results that meet pharmaceutical supply chain business case requirements.

The Problem We Are Solving

Treatment Markets are Demanding Effective, Natural Treatment Options With Less Side Effects while Being More Cost Effective.

There is growing global demand for more natural treatment options offering less adverse events compared to traditional pharmaceutical medicines.

Innovative, botanically sourced medicines utilizing rigorous clinical science methodology offer new efficacious natural solutions at a lower cost endpoint.

 Deliberate Ventures mandate is to expertly guide new innovative medicines through clinical trials onto successful commercialization.

How We Do It



Package for Liquidity

  • By investing in companies collaborating with universities filing for the International New Drug with FDA / EUDRALEX / Health Canada to complete phase 2 clinical trials on the path to getting pharmaceutical approval of the product.

  • By making a clear commercial plan and a go to market plan with the companies/universities that the fund invests in.

  • By investing GLOBALLY instead of one specific country market.

  • By investing into both the Psychedelic and Medical Cannabis space.

  • By keeping a tight focus in the disease areas below prioritized and selected by the opportunity of commercialization.

  • By working with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers on addressing emerging high growth opportunities not currently met by internal R&D.

Whats Important To Us


We are extremely passionate about what we do and as a team of global experts, we are aligned on our mission to facilitate access to efficacious treatment options with less side effects that are more natural and less expensive.


We have attracted and retained global leaders with proven experience across all stages of drug development and commercialization. Through our growing network, we have the capability of addressing market challenges and facilitating commercialization.


We are at a pivotal time in human history. Our fund exists to deliver measurable profit through the introduction of new treatment options. We want to deliver a deliberate positive solution.

Market Timing

With a growing global population of seniors and the increase in chronic pain, sleep, anxiety, liver and heart conditions, Research and Development is focused on making improved versions of the more effective botanical medicines.

Many health conscious people are now turning to these natural remedies as a way to treat their diseases. Botanically derived medicines have been around since the dawn of humans on the planet. These medicines represent lower cost treatment options that demonstrate efficacy and more attractive side effect profiles.

The Regulatory Drug Approval Process (FDA / EMA / HC) requires a company to successfully complete a phased clinical research process (preclinical / Ph 1 3 / regulatory review) demonstrating safety and efficacy and achieving clinical endpoints.

Once a new drug is approved, the regulatory agency (FDA / EMA / HC) provides a guaranteed period of market exclusivity.

This marketing exclusivity is a key incentive for drug asset developers as It provides a fixed period of time following drug approval during which the Sponsor can market their drug without direct competition from manufacturers of duplicate or reformulated products.

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About Us

We have proven global experience in drug commercialization.

Beyond our core team, we have attracted and retained global leaders with proven experience across all stages of drug development and commercialization. Through our growing network, we have the capability of addressing market challenges and facilitating commercialization.

We are a network of like-minded executives who know there are natural treatment solutions for many diseases and ailments that offer a more attractive drug profile at a lower cost point. Botanically sourced medicines offer little or no toxicity compared to current pharmaceutical standards of care.

Andrew Fisher

Andrew is a veteran private equity executive with 20 plus years of taking technology, real estate and media assets from inception to
liquidity exits. He has managed operational teams in North America, Europe and Asia. As Executive Vice President at Wesley
Clover International Corporation Andrew worked with stakeholders across all business units to develop and approve
private equity investment for Defense, Healthcare, Public Safety, Media, Finance, Banking, Hospitality and Government assets globally.

Harvinder Johal

Harv has been in the healthcare and technology sectors for over 20 years. His experience in startups and leveraging technology for scaling and monetizing opportunities has been part and parcel to his success. He has also been an entrepreneur and involved in multiple start-ups and an active investor in the cannabis sector over the last few years. Harv is an advisor to companies that thrive to create value through culture and innovation. 

Greg Rutherford

Greg Rutherford is a proven strategic business leader with Canadian, US and international experience in Pharmaceuticals and Health Care. An innovative leader and builder of high performing teams with demonstrated success optimizing commercial operations to deliver superior revenue and profit results. A record of successfully optimizing product portfolios / clinical pipelines and launching new products. Proven global pharmaceutical experience in commercializing global assets, informing clinical strategy and in delivering revenue for start-up organizations.

Tommy Petersen

Tommy is a sales and network developer with a background in establishing and maturing TeliaSonara – a large mobile company on the Danish market. Tommy has spent + 3 years focusing on the global Psychedelic and Medical Cannabis market - building strong networks and distribution setups. Trust and transparency are key values and Tommy has successfully made agreements with large companies and institutions having assets ready for clinical trials.